My mother passed before I was married. Planning a wedding, and walking down the aisle without her there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do (so far). As hard as all that was, I have a ring I wear everyday that was hers. I never saw her without it, so when she passed it was the one thing I wanted, and I got it (among other things).
My brother, does not have that luxury. He is autistic, and mentally handicapped. He is 22 years old and functions as an 8 year old (on a good day). The things I have of our mothers I guard closely because they cannot be replaced and he is known for his destructive tendencies when he’s having a fit. On my wedding day though, I knew he would be missing her as much as I was so I have him a piece of her for the day. He wore HER wedding rings on a chain all day. He had a tangible price of her to hold onto just like I did. He could feel it’s weight. He could feel it like a hug around his neck, like a life line she had thrown out to him that connected them together tangibly for the day.

We both cried, and hugged, and he wore them proudly for the whole world to see. And at the end of the day, he gave them back for me to hold and keep safe, knowing they would be there whenever he needed them again.



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