This is my FAVORITE time of year! I LOVE from now until after New Years.

I am a baker ( by passion, not professionally), so I am the one who makes all the desserts for my family for the holidays. It’s mostly because of my super flakey pie crusts, and also because one of my uncles won’t eat pie unless it’s my pecan pie… But for me it’s more than that. Dessert is not the healthiest part of the meal, quite the opposite, when cutting calories people first cut desserts. Desserts are my way of taking care of my family for the holidays. It’s the last thing they eat before we all go out separate ways. It’s that final part of this huge meal we all have a hand in helping create, it’s the cherry on top, and I get to give them that! It’s is my gift, and my privilege to make pies (and other things). So when we give thanks and I say I’m thankful for my family I’m really saying “thank you for encouraging and supporting my passions, my heart, and my calling”, and that is bliss for this girl.


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